...we relocated our headquarters to Cambridge, ON when we outgrew the previous space in Oakville.

Construction Testing Asphalt Lab (CTA Lab) was founded in 1998 to provide bread and butter materials testing services in the construction industry in the Oakville, ON area.  Back then, the focus was on quality Marshall testing and mix designs.  We aimed to create a consistent and customized service for our clients who demanded efficient turn around times.  Some limited field work, such as in situ compaction density and profilograph smoothness testing, was added to our services.  Do you remember the California profilograph?

By 2005, CTA Lab had already got into Superpave asphalt testing.  We had also branched into liquid asphalt testing.  We offered a full spectrum of PGAC and advanced MSCR testing in the region.

In the beginning of the year 2012 we relocated our headquarters to Cambridge, ON when we outgrew the previous space in Oakville.  We redesigned our company logo and created our first website.  The abundance of space allowed us to expand our services even more!  Within that year, we added an inertial profilograph to our armamentarium. 

In 2013, CTA Lab began to offer AMPT testing.  Several years after that, we advanced to the high speed inertial profilograph.

Last year, we expanded into concrete testing.  Please refer to our services menu for a list of our concrete certifications.


We continue to operate in the Cambridge area, and we are driven by our company brand of offering consistent services that are customized to our client needs.  There is always a motivation to be better and to stay current in the industry.  We hope to venture into more advanced testing that we have yet to offer.

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Sincerely yours,

CTA Lab Historian

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